Here are some reviews from others who have watched Three Hearts.


“It’s a roller coaster of hope, fear, despair, and joy.

It is full of uncertainly and laced with a beautiful journey of faith realized where it was not known before. It shows the most tender moments of love between a child and its mother and it renews my commitment to savor every single moment I have with my three so very healthy children.”
Molly Gold, GO Mom


“I highly recommend you see this documentary with your family.

It is also a great project to show to your church group, Sunday School class, or youth group (especially Middle School and High School) to inspire them to get involved in helping others either in their community or far away.”
Shelly Dixon, The Attic Girl


“I found this powerful on so many levels.

From the deep poverty and living conditions in a place so far removed from the United States, to the impact of people that simply serve. I don’t want to give away all of the details so I will just say this is “Must See” stuff for your entire family.”
Aaron Conrad, Christian Blogger


“Following the three children, their families,

and the Samaritan’s Purse team in the U.S. was quite stirring – tearful, joyful, tense, and hope-filled. We meet them in their homes, fly with them to a foreign land, follow them into the operating room. We pace the waiting room with mothers, watch the hands of the surgeon, breathe the relief of souls who, for the first time in their entire lives, have the hope of a future. “
Jessica Heights, Muthering Heights


“My husband and I watched Three Hearts …

we both were moved to tears at the bravery of these children, the love of their mothers, and the generosity of the host families, physicians, and Samaritan’s Purse staff who opened the doors not just for heart surgery, but for new life through Jesus Christ.”
Teri Lynne Underwood, Author and blogger


“In Three Hearts, I saw mothers just like me

who only wanted their children to be healthy and well. They wanted to see their children run and play like mine are able to do every day. I watched as these three families received more than a life saving operation on their hearts. They received a new life of hope and peace as they came to know Christ as their savior and put their trust in Him.”
Monica, Daily Dwelling


“[My son’s] favorite scene was watching Toggie,

the three-year-old, playing with running water in Texas. She lives in the South Gobi desert; so running water was a new and wondrous miracle for her. She kept splashing her face with it, giggling all the while. The scene reminded me of the innocence of this child; she has a life-threatening heart condition and still sees the newness in everything around her AND enjoys it. I can learn a lesson or two from her. “
Teesa Klear, The Klear Life


“I was afraid for them, I cheered with them,

and I cried with them. The documentary gave an inside look at how one branch of outreach is touching countless lives while also weighing the risks and showing the struggles each person faces along the way. I am a better person for watching this documentary.”
Amanda Henson, High Impact Mom

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